There’s No Guilt in Homecare

If your older parent or relative needs home care the decision may come with mixed emotions.

Largely, guilt might cause a relative to not seek care when it is needed most. Children of an elderly relative might feel guilty for not being able to care for their parent themselves. But there are a few things I’ve learned along the way supporting that home care is a great option for an ailing mom or dad.

First, retain your role as their child again. You probably have spent so much time as a caregiver that you forgot how it was just to be a daughter or son. The special relationship you had as a mother daughter has now become as a caregiver and patient. In these final years, wouldn’t it be wonderful to maintain the same relationship you have shared with your parent all these years? Wouldn’t you want to remember your mom or dad for the loving parent they were and not for the difficult patient they are now?

Second, let the trained professional take care of mom or dad the proper way. There is something to be said for going to school and being trained to care for someone the correct way. As with any other trade, there is a right way and a wrong way to shower someone, dress them, etc. Caring for someone the wrong way can result in unforeseen injuries. Older adults have sensitive skin and weak bones. What seems like a gentle touch to you may not be for that person. It’s usually best to put a fragile person in the hands of someone that has gone through the proper schooling and obtained a license. Caregivers are well trained to deal with the elderly in various situations.

If these aren’t good enough reasons, what about peace of mind? The emotional toll that caregiving take on can be emotionally and physically draining. As a professional, I’ve seen many times the caregiver run themselves so emotionally drained that they too become sick. Remember that you aren’t doing anyone any good if you are sick yourself.

Home care provides a wonderful alternative for care in which the client doesn’t have to leave their home. Caregivers can provide companionship, hands on care, meals and transportation. Families can get respite from the day to day stress of worrying about their parent. Children should realize that they should not feel guilty but rather understand that what they are doing for their parent is in their best interest. For more information about home care options, contact  (732) 329-8954 x1 or by email at